#the darkness will set you free

Dark and light

The darkness as we know is something we learn to be afraid of.  I write about and work with the darkness to learn people not to be afraid of it. The darkness as I speak about has nothing to do with hostility. The darkness is our inner world, the trauma, our memories, the hurt inside and the light symbols the future, our thoughts and intellectuality. This side is more common and accepted in life. We have forgot the darkness and I see that as a huge mistake. We are about in a way that damage our selves, our children and society. I am sorry to say that but one of this sides I mention above is overused and beeing wrongly understood in many ways. We should see the two sides as related to each other and not separated.  The light is not the only way and to use one of this side only will unfortunately tip it. This is what happens in the world today. There are different ways society tells us to stop searching for our inner world and our unconscious. 

The consequences of a non dark world

We talk about trauma today and it is beeing more and more accepted cause we all more or less have been trough something in our life. But changes comes from the inside and this is how a non-dark world affects us:


We grow up with parents or other significant adults who has not faced their own trauma. That meens they will use us to keep their trauma hidden and they do it in all strange and hurtful ways. The trauma as they know will keep on playing, for them. But for the children it could be a nightmare.


Our values are deeply connected with our past. We see that in politics, war, leaders and in advertisement, social media and mostly everywere. If I has been grown up with a past that told med I wasen´t good enough, it will become a value to hurt others (because ”they” has done that to me). So every war or hostility in the world is created from the little child unfortunate unlovable past. 


With all the respect for our leaders, but how can it be different when the world is created of  people who some of them have rage of their past. 

Children and their safesystem

My mission is to stop the generationaltrauma for people, because our children are the ones who have to take on the guilt and the shame for the old hidden traumas in other. Unfortunately it is our children who become sacrified in the world. Social systems around a child is not working, not even in my country who so to speak is in the front of childsafecare systems. The thing is that hostility and abuse of children is seen as a normal. We treat our children the way we were treated in our past. So does the social services, cause it is built by people. 

Health care systems

If we feel mentally ill and seek help in health care, the values who are based on fear will be the ground in psychiatric methods. We will meet a non-acceptance for our wish to go deep inside and to understand our past. This will lead us away from our inner world, our trauma. This is because psychological methods and theories is created by the fear of the past, intuition and the soul. These theories is created by men mostly and it tells us not to linger and that painful feelings can be dangerous. It even says that women mostly linger. I am grateful of all theories as CBT, ACT and so on and I am myself educated in CBT.  But, as we said before, to go only one way will tip it. Unfortunately a non-acceptance of other methods is not what I suggest. I call that fear. We shall use methods as complement instead. 

One way is unbalance

If our values, that comes from an untreated past and is based on fear, anger, and if these values will be governing (as it is today) we will keep on treating our children, our poor, our women, our selves badly. 

Take care out there! And if you want to go your own way, do so. It takes curage to stand up for your self. If you want to talk about your past in a psychiatric environement you should do that. No one can tell you not to. No one can tell you what is the right way for you, only your self. 

There is not only one way  to feel better, there are a thousand ways. 

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