Childabuse "Lilla hjärtat"

Lilla hjärtat

This little girl Esmeralda were 3 years old when she died from severe abuse that was caused by her biological parents. From the day she was 7 days till 3 years old, she was placed in a fosterhome. This was a lovely family who gived her all their love. Unfortunately Esmeralda was then placed with her biological parents who were drogaddicts. The police found the little girl dead since 3 days, under a bed. She had multiple damages inside and outside her body and in her blood they found drogs. It has now been two years since Esmeralda died. 

Childabuse is abnormal

We can all recall childabuse everywhere in the society and all over the world. It has become a natural phenomen though it is unnatural. And it is mostly connected and related to generational trauma. It is not a topic or a headline in the press and childabuse is something that happends inside closed doors. It should be on a headline and people should talk about it. But unfortunately it is not something we talk about.


We live in an illusion

What does that mean? When we are stucked in our own trauma we react and act upon that. We live in an illusion of who we are and of who others are wich is based on our own experiences. And when we go through our own history and the pain that lays inside us, it will directly stop this illusion or video to roll inside us. If we don´t do that we will keep on believing that our children is something or someone who is part of our past and we will hurt them the same way that we were hurted. And we will not be able to put the blame to were it belong. Instead we put the blame on ourselves or at the little ones around us. 

And society doesn´t even react upon this abuse. This is because the people, our leaders, they too are children of the corn. They too have a past they can´t handle. 

The difficulty in working with trauma

It is very hard and very dark to work with this topic like trauma and generationaltrauma. I understand that most people feel it uncomfortable because it reveals something inside us. It is hard because our values inside and our wish tells us to be free this inner pain and to become happy, free and strong. So we have learned to go with the light only, and not with the dark. That is why I write about this dark inside us. For you who has been trough trauma in your life and for your little self that is still there inside you. For the children of today who still lives in abuse because of their parents who can not face their own dark. And against all abuse in the world. Against societys who do not respect their children in different ways. We adults has to take the blame for this and we have to do this. Generationaltrauma lives inside all of us and our children takes the blame. 

To learn people not to be afraid of their dark is important for me and what I do in my job. It has a much stronger impact, to work with trauma, wich is hard to imagine. It will affect societys and politics. That is what I see, a greater world. But before that we have to go trough the dark. 

Be blessed, take care! 

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