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Stop the war

Today we see a suffering in Europe. We see a Europe that is bleeding. We thought that Europe stood for peace, calm, safety but all that has now beeing questioned. This is a first step to a new world and we all are watching it happen. It can not be different. They knew it could come and it was instoppable. It was all in our mind and this affects every part of our soul and well-beeing, our future, our kids future, our values. 

The consequence of dangerous leaders

This is what happends when dangerous persons have the power. When they don´t have any limits. This is about leaders own history. About an 200 years old vision. This vision ruled the world with hostility and terror. This is the values underneath all this. Could it be different?

The suffering of people from the former world

Silence. I know how it is. My mother left the former Czechoslovakia and came to Sweden 1969. I have learned that freedom is the only way. These former states in Europe has been through wonderful changes but deep inside these people is a hidden sorrow and memories full of fear and hate. Hate for the old regim. My mother couldn´t talk about her life back then. She struggled and had a vision and she reached her dream of life. This regim were only terror. What is happened yesterday is a way back in history. We are there now, where our ancestors were struggeling against. 

If she had lived now her heart would be broken. Only in those who have seen and lived in it, this fear will be understood. We can not stand beside, we have to fight it. We can not be afraid, we have to be strong. So today and for the futur I mourn, I hate and I condemn. The only way is to go against the terror. 

Will there be a light?

I hear the sounds of the children who screams out of terror. This will not end. This will not stop. Today nothing is the same as it ones was. We have to rewrite our future. 

#stopthewar #saveukraine #freedom #independence #democracy  #free #makelovenotwar


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