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preventing suicide is urgent

Suicide is not a normality

Let us talk about suicide. For every heart that will disappear in suicide this will tell us that we has failed. We have failed as society and human beeings. Suicide is not a normal process that belongs to humanity because it is caused by inhumanity. It is caused by abuse and is related to generational trauma. But not only by that. We see a not empathic and a hostile side that is growing in society. Suicide is related to bullying to. And bullying is strongly related to generational trauma. Bullying is the childrens way to explaine how they are beeing treated. We shall not forget that children are a consequence and a reflection of their parents and childhood. And we see how that can damage others outside their own family. One persons generational trauma can damage lifes of others. We see that suicide among young people is growing. Think about Drayke and do not forget. Do not forget it and do not think that this is a normal side of humanity. This is a reflection of a hostile side of humanity. No one should be treated in a way that causes suicidal thoughts and actions. This action is a deep failure in humanity. We adults are responsible for that and we should all take the blame, not our youth. 

Suicide is caused by the lack of love

This action is caused by a non respect and non care of our children. Children are not our first priority in society. We see that everywhere; in schools, health care, social services, families and politics. It has it´s origin in the old patriarchal cultur we come from and where ignorance and the mistreating of children was normal. In our society we learn children to be mean with each other in an uncontrolled and hostile way. The social media and the growing loneliness and independecy that is a consequence of our growing society, is making this become a reality. In this bigger world our children is left alone. We have no time to learn our kids important values and how to treat one another. Our kids is left alone with social media, TV, games and who will become their guides. So we should take the blame for this. It is not our childrens fault and they have not ask for this. 

The darkness of society

The darkness I talk about is something that is caused by abuse and untreated childhood experiences. We all carry a darkness inside in some way. How could it be different? We were raised in a society that did not see the kids. We are a reflection of that. Our parents might have tried their best for us but we lived in a society that didn´t. Our culture is about to change and the kids today have more to say. But, suicide is growing. What is happening? Parents, adults and empathy, where are you? Why can you not treat your kids in a respectful way? Why can not teachers do so? Why can not adults learn from the children instead of trying to lead them all the time? The children has so much to say, they know empathy. They know how to treat people. They know what a mistake is. But we adults are very damaged. We are carrying a darkness from our past that is hurting us. And this darkness is affecting our whole surrounding. You know what I am talking about. Wich of the kids or the adults do this: Yelling? Beeing irritated? Angry? Dissapointed? 

Listen and learn from the children

If we only could listen and learn from our children. If we only could seek help as adults if we do not feel well or are treating our kids badly. Because our darkness is affecting. Our world is a reflection of us adults. Important values today is about richness, money, independency and power. Our kids is just following us. 

Do not blame the children

Do not blame the children for bullying, blame your self. Blame the whole society for suicide in children. Blame the politics, governments and the adults around every children. If we do not take care of our own children it will, and this is what happends, cause damage. 

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