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a complement in psychiatric methods

The power of the therapist

The thing is that when we seek help in mental care most people do not know what kind of therapy they want or what to expect. So we professionals has a great power and responsability over the person we have in front of us. What kind of therapy we will get depends on the interest of the therapist. How many of you have heard things like: ”No, I can not help you with your early experiences” or ”It is dangerous to evoke strong feelings, especially from the past. We shall leave the past behind”. And so on. If we lack faith and strenght in ourselves we can stop here. End the searching inside us. Stop believing in our selves. We haven´t got the power to say no or the curage to search somewhere else. And they will try to make us believe that there is only one way and our way is wrong. How deeply wrong isn´t that? 

The origin of the power

This has its origin in the fear of the darkness, the past. This fear is an illusion. In society there is also a yearning to be free our past and a thought that we don´t need our past. Could it be different? The existing psychiatric methods lack a big chapter in our lives and not many people miss that chapter or do want to open it. And that is how our mental problem keeps on going and many of our children, women, transgender persons, economically inferior communities keep on living in suffering. Because we really and truly, without empathy, reject the hidden anger on the people who is dependent and inferior to us. 

The complement

So to start heal this we have to go inside our selves first. Mostly the people who wants to feel better seek help in the psychiatric care. That is why psychiatric care and psychological methods really do need complemental methods. We have to giveback to people what they really need and stop the unfortunate misunderstanding in society; that we should leave the past behind.

The old patriarchal society

I have been working with this topic for longtime and to see the change in people is a gratitude. But also it reflects a sadness. That we have a long way to go and that mostly people do not know that they can chose this alternative way cause of the values inside and outside them. It is strongly forbidden in society to put the blame were it belonged and that means not to take the blame anymore. Blame and guilt is something someone has to carry. It is so because something happened and guilt is a normal phenomen. Unfortunately this guilt were given to children, or they were beeing forced to take on this guilt. This is a part of generational trauma. It is a wrongly interpreted value in human christianity that children should respect their parents in every single way. Respect comes from both sides and is not a one way system. In the old patriarchal society that we lean on it is a fact that children are inferior and that adults have the power to damage their children, women and the inferior. It is something that they have learned from their own significant others and the society. And in generational trauma and in abuse there is one thing, a rule that is hidden. It says that children should love their significant others no mather what. That children should take the blame no mather what. That means it is the fault of the children for all the hostility. This happends because of the adults that can not take the blame their self and they give it to the children. Children are not able to figure this out because of their dependency of the parents. So to get love (food, support etc.) the children are forced to take the blame. This is the deeply and wrongly interpretation of christianity. 

We have to make a change

I am not able to sit here and do nothing when this is happening every where. For all the children who is beeing abused or killed in this moment, for all the women who are beeing killed in domestic violence, for all the men and women who are beeing so wrongly treated (we shall not forget the men who happends to live in relationships with women who is hostile), for all the transgender persons who think about suicide because of the hostility in society and for all the adults who still suffer of what they have been through. 

Let us all think about: How do I really treat others? How do I really treat my kids? Is it ok to yell at them? Have you been through something bad in your past it is very easy to transfer it, especially to those who dosent´t deserve it. Be gentle with your self, there is help to find. We can only start with our selves. And for those of you who live in this. Do everything to stop it. It is not a normal and human way. You should not be treated this way or your children should not. Leave it. 

And for all the psychiatric methods; We need a complement to all the fine and structural methods that is more accepted in the world. We need a more deep processing, emotional, intuitional, soulbased and traumafocused therapy. 

Be blessed!

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